Kansas: Belexes

In honor of Robby Steinhardt’s birthday, today’s Rock Pearl comes from Kansas’ self-titled debut album. Kansas is a progressive rock band hailing from, you guessed it, Kansas, more specifically Topeka (though Steinhardt was one of the few original members who was not from Topeka). With hit songs like Carry on my Wayward Son, Dust in the Wind, and Point of Know Return, they had multiple chart-topping albums and are recognizable across the globe. Their unique blend of classical training, synthesizers and Steinhardt’s violin set them apart from many would-be competitors and they still tour today.

Their debut album is surely something amazing to listen to. Any of their songs could really appear on a Rock Pearls post. Lonely Wind was the song that made it the highest on the charts from this particular album at #60, but like many of their albums, Kansas is one where the album as a body of work is the masterpiece as opposed to a few individual tracks. It’s an album one would prefer to listen to from start to finish instead of skipping around to find favorites.

My personal favorite from this album is a song called Belexes. The name drew me right away, but upon looking up its origin, I learned that Kerry Livgren would make up words for fun, and this song’s title is one of those words. The song features some very cool parts from everyone in the band, and Steinhardt’s speedy violin stands out at certain intervals, driving this epic song.

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